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Unique Golf Gifts: 6 Ideas for the Avid Golfer

Unique golf gifts can be treasured by someone who loves the sport. Here are six great ideas worth considering.

When looking for gifts to buy for an avid golfer there are a variety of options available. This includes standard options such as golf apparel, balls, and tees, which a player can use on the course. However, for those that are looking for more interesting options there are a number of unique golf gifts available, and the following are a few to consider.

Personal Ball Stamp

For golfers that like to personalize their golf balls, a personal ball stamp can be a unique gift to give them. This is a small pocket size ink stamp that can be produced with a name, initials, monogram or personal message. Most come pre-inked, with a few different colors available, and can be used to quickly stamp the details permanently on a ball. This can produce an attractive design, but also has a practical use in that it makes it easier to identify a ball on the course. Having their own customized balls can be something that many players will like, and a personal ball stamp can therefore be a good choice of gift for a keen golfer.

Anti-Grav Ball

Unique golf gifts don’t come any more unusual and fun than the anti-grav ball, and this can be a good option for an executive golfer to use as a desk-top or cabinet display. Magnets in both the base of the ornament and a metal arm work to keep the golf ball mysteriously levitated and spinning with no apparent support, and it is sure to amaze those that see it. It is a fun item that most golfers are sure to appreciate and can be a great conversation piece to get a golf discussion started.

Golf Ball Holder

Many golfers can have a special ball or balls that they might want to put on display, and this can include a ball with which they shot a hole in one, or golf balls that they have had autographed by some of the top professionals. Golf ball holders are a unique way of putting these on display and range from special ball display cases for a single ball, to golf ball cabinets and tables that have the capacity to hold and display a number of golf balls. For the avid golfer these can be a great way to decorate an office or a room in their home and they are unique golf gifts that can produce a decorative golf look.

Original Rules of Golf

Most avid golfers will have an interest in the history of the sport, and a unique gift that they are sure to enjoy is a framed copy of the original rules of golf. These were produced more than 250 years ago in Scotland and this type of gift generally comes with an exact replica of the original written rules in a glass frame. It is a piece of golfing history that all enthusiast of the game will enjoy owning and lets them see where the rules of the game originated.

Check-Go Pro Golf Ball Spinner

While golf balls are designed to the best ability of the manufacturer, they can be slightly lopsided and this can affect the way they fly through the air and roll. The Check-Go Pro Golf Ball Spinner allows a ball to be balanced and enables the sweet-spot to be identified and marked such that a golfer can hit more accurate shots and putts. It is one of the more unique golf gifts around, and will enable a keen golfer to use a little technology to try and improve their game and reduce their scores.

Golf Experience Gift

A golf experience gift can provide a golfer with a chance to play a famous course or an opportunity to learn from some of the top professionals. It is a more expensive type of gift although will be an experience that a golf enthusiast is sure to remember for a long time. Cloud 9 Living is a company that offers this type of gift and they have options ranging from around $100 for lessons with a PGA Tour Pro, up to in excess of $1,000 for packages that let a golfer enjoy walking in the footsteps of some the legends of the game by playing courses such as Pinehurst and La Quinta. This can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any amateur golfer and can be a fantastic gift to give.

Most golfers enjoy everything about the sport and buying them a gift related to the game will certainly go down well. The unique golf gifts identified above are some of those that will be well received by avid golfers, and are a few of the options to consider when looking into getting a golfing friend or family member something special.

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