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Using a Divot Repair Tool To Make Every Shot Count

A divot repair tool can be a savior to a course's well being, but knowing how to use one properly is integral.

Utilizing the right tools when you’re on the golf course can be really important for a variety of reasons, and that’s especially true about a divot repair tool.  These are specially made to help you get rid of scuffs and other marks on the course, so that you can leave behind a nice flat patch of ground.  That’s really important, because a golf course can take quite a beating when people are using them often, and without the right tools you’re not going to keep the grass as pristine as golfers would like.  But luckily there’s one handy little tool that can solve all of your problems, so long as you know hot to use them.

You’ve actually probably seen the most common version of a divot repair tool before, many times on the course.  They are specially designed to have two metallic prongs that jut out from the bottom, and that are made to allow you to actually fix and work divots back into the ground.  While there are many kinds, you can be sure that you find those that meet your requirements on what are the most convenient to use.  But of course, with any type of professional divot repair tool, it’s really all in how you use them, so you want to keep these tips in mind:

1) Properly using your divot repair tool.

The most common way that these tools are used is for repairing minor ball marks, which typically occur when someone strikes the ball.  Good golf etiquette always dictates that you fix your divots, as well as those left behind by any inconsiderate golfers that may have come before.  Here is how you do just that:

-Insert both prongs into the ground so that they go underneath the divot.

This is so that you can get under the indentation, and ensure that you’re able to fix it so that you’re left with a flat and even surface.  That means you want to push up on the surface until you can slightly flatten out the green, and ensure a clean and even type of putting surface.

-Fixing pushed up surfaces of the green.

Of course, sometimes you have to fix where others have tried and failed to fix divots, and that means using your tool to actually even the surface back out once more.  For this, you just want to gently run the prongs along the elevated surface until the point at which you’re able to slowly and gently work it down.  Just remember to go slow and steady, so that you can be sure the surface is worked back down unto a usable flat and nice surface.

2) Buying the right style of divot tool

This is something that you also want to carefully consider, so that you can be sure you have one that’s properly durable and made for long term use.  That means for starters, you want to ensure that they have firm and sturdy metal construction.  This way, you know they are made to take a beating, and that they are going to be around for some time.

But beyond this, you also want to ensure that they are as easy as possible to carry.  One problem that you can run into with most divot repair tools, is that they are a bit uncomfortable on you, because they feature those hard and sharp points, which makes them less than ideal for carrying in your pocket.  But with the right type of retractable divot tool, you can be sure that you’re able to use them that much more easily, and then retract your prongs into the body of the tool for slipping back into the pockets.

3) Promotional divot repair tools.

Something else that you might want to utilize your tools for is running a promotion.  whether for a sporting goods store, or golf emporium, you’re going to find that these can be great ways to get customers interested and get yourself advertised.  They can even be great ways to express your interest with personalized models, or those that feature major golf sports brands.  Whether it’s Adidas, Nike or even Taylormade divot repair tools.   There are a ton of great options on the style of tool that you want to use when you’re out on the green.

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