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Using A Golf Handicap Tracker: How To Calculate Your Specific Handicap

A golf handicap tracker makes it easy to know where you stand based on the difficulty of any course. Here's how to effectively use one.

Determining your golf handicap is actually pretty useful, so that you can figure out where you really stand in terms of your ability and your progression as a golfer.  If you don’t have a rating of how good you are when you first start, you’re not going to really know how good you are and where you end up after years of playing. There are all sorts of tools that you can use as a golf handicap tracker as well, to ensure that you’re able to easily calculate where you stand right now.

But it does take a bit of research on your part, as you have to be able to determine the conditions of the course, as well as the par of the hole, and so on and so forth.  In fact, you’re also going to find that it’s helpful for you to have a broader understanding of the terminology regarding what exactly your handicap is as well.  This way, you can effectively determine where you stand, and how you can improve upon your game with what you’re using to start out with.

1) What is a golf handicap?

Your golf handicap is basically the statistic that dictates how well you would do against a scratch golfer.  That way you can better test yourself and figure out what you’re going to be able to accomplish, as well as set up the competition to be that much more fair for yourself against an opponent.  So theoretically, with the right type of golf handicap tracker, you could set yourself up to play against Tiger Woods, and put yourself on level terms as much as could be possibly expected.

2) How do you begin to calculate your handicap?

Basically it’s a matter of seeing how you’ve done in the past, and then really going into the results to see what they mean, compared to the course itself.  This means you want to look at around the last five full rounds that you’ve played, and you want to figure out your score on every single hole.  Then you have to assess the exact slope of each hole, according to USGA guidelines, so that you can determine how difficult the holes were in and of themselves.

From there you want to subtract your score from the course rating, and multiply the number by 113.  After this you divide that by the overall slope of the course, and you can multiply that by .96, and you have your handicap.  Of course, this is a lot of work and can get pretty complicated if you’re not up on your math skills.  But that’s what golf handicap trackers are for.

3) Selecting the right type of golf handicap tracker.

You’re going to find that there are a ton of different ways that you can develop your own golf handicap tracker to get the job done, and it’s just a matter of choosing the right type of method that’s easiest for you.  One of the most simple ways is just to use a graphing calculator, or another one that can manipulate charts and a lot of numbers.  With these, you can make charts of all the numbers you need for golf handicap tracking, and you can then allow the calculator to figure it out for you.

Or you can also buy golf handicap devices built into GPS as well, so that you can figure out what your score is on the go.  There are a ton that provide you with all the information that you need about any course upon which you’re going to play, in addition to all the information that you need to calculate your handicap.  But then there are also online calculators as well. These feature the full chart that you can fill out, and you simply need to enter your information into all the available fields, and they will tell you just what your handicap is, so that you can ensure you’re playing golf at the level in which you should be.

One of the best sites that can work as free golf handicap trackers include what you’ll find through  This is because it’s totally free to use, and incredibly easy, and you still get a great and accurate result, to ensure that you have the most accurate handicap rating that you can possibly have without spending a ton of money to find out.

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