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Using Promotional Golf Pencils To Build Your Brand

Golf pencils are a necessity on the course, and they make for a great promotional item. Here's how to effectively use them to build your brand.

Building up a new business is hard, especially when you’re competing with national established brands that people have grown to trust and enjoy.  That’s why it’s all about working yourself into the minds and everyday lives of the local community, by providing them with information that really can’t be ignored.  With the right types of simple products, like golf pencils you’ll be amazed at everything you can do to really build a brand in the eyes of the locals. 

This is all about passively building the brand and ensuring that you become endeared into the mindset of the local community, without actually trying to do so.  This way, everyone will know your brand, without ever having visited the store, and without having to spend thousands upon thousands on TV or radio advertisements.  That’s because when your main base of customers are golfers, golf pencils are an everyday need that they have, that you’ll find are used in abundance.  All you have to do is choose the right design, and the right methods for getting those pencils in the hands of golfers.

For that reason, there are a few things you’ll want to do to plan out the operation and ensure your success.  Those things include:

1) Designing the right types of custom golf pencils.

You want to be sure that your pencils are obvious, and that they really represent the company well.  That’s why there are a few things that you want to think about.  First off choose a color scheme that’s different from the standard yellow body, so that you can be sure your pencils stand out as a different type of contrast from what’s normally used on a golf course.

From there, you also want to include company name, location, and contact information down the side of the pencil.  This is really vital, so that you can be sure it’s easy to find out where they came from.  If your promotional golf pencils don’t feature that information prominently stamped on the side in easy to read bold ink, you’re really losing the point of having them in the first place.  Just be sure that the colors you choose really contrast the body of the pencil, so that it’s hard to not read the wording, opposed to anyone having difficulty reading what’s written.

2) Choosing how an interested golfer should learn more about you.

Another big facet of how promotional golf pencils can really help you, is deciding what sort of contact information you put on the pencil.  This is really vital, and can make all the difference between getting or losing a potential new customer.  You have to make yourself as accessible as possible, and that means having a web presence.  You have to have a web page, and it helps to also participate in social networking at the same time.  This way, you can make yourself as available as possible, on someone’s schedule so that they can see for themselves why your store is worth visiting.

3) Getting your pencils in the hands of golfers everywhere.

You have to be sure that your pencils are easy for golfers to get as well, because while they can be great advertisements the concept only works if they’re in the hands of a golfer.  That means you want to do two things.  Number 1, you want to be sure that you’re giving them away with every purchase at the actual store or company, so that they are there to be kicked around and used by the customers you already have. 

Number 2, you want to see if you can get them in circulation at local golf courses.  Typically they are willing to put them out as freebies for golfers to use out on the course, and even if you have to spend a bit of money in order to do so, you can be sure you have a larger audience.

4) Finding the right place to buy golf pencils in bulk.

When you’re looking for custom printed pencils, and a lot of them, you have to order from the right company that can fill an order of the size that you need.  Sites like, as well as, and can all provide you with the right amount and style of pencils that you need to make your message come across.

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