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What Can You Expect When Using Nickent Golf Clubs?

Are Nickent golf clubs your best option? Take a look at the pros and cons, and then decide.

Getting a handle on the right types of clubs for you to buy is really important, considering there are all different types out there.  But that’s especially true when you’re just a beginner.  You don’t want to end up shelling out all that time and effort when it comes to buying an expensive set of clubs like a top of the line Callaway or TaylorMade line.  However, you still want to get something with quality, and that’s where Nickent golf clubs can be a great first choice.

There are several factors about Nickent equipment that you will love and hate, and it’s important you get a feel for both sides of the issue, so that you know if they are really the clubs for you.  That way, you can ensure you have made the right type of investment, with quality clubs that you can count on to get the job done.  Here are the most common positives and negatives that you will find regarding your equipment, so that you can be sure that you’re able to outfit yourself with the best possible items.

Starting out, here is what you will love about Nickent hybrid golf clubs.:

1) This is golf equipment specifically tailored to those just starting out in the game.

If you’re a high to mid level handicapper, you’re going to find that these are just what the doctor ordered.  The face of the club is specially designed to give you quite a bit more loft, which is going to crank out more distance from your shots, while you’re still getting the hang of the game.  That ensures you can still keep up with your lower handicap friends, and ensure you’re able to stay competitive.

2) Plenty of forgiveness built right into the club face.

Another thing that you will find is the large and evenly spread weight of the club face means that there is almost no way to miss the sweet spot when striking. Even when you’re horribly off center, a shot that would normally be a terrible shank will still go on target for the most part, and that means you can keep up with even the more skilled golfers as you drive down the course.

3) Nickent golf clubs are cheap.

Finally, rounding out the things you’re going to love, these types of clubs are cheap.  Whether you’re looking for a  good driver, fairway wood, or even a complete set of irons you’ll find that it’s always going to cost you under $100 for your clubs.  In fact you can also find complete sets for around $200 making them some of the most affordable quality sets on the market.

What you’re going to hate about Nickent golf clubs:

1) Not ideal for low handicap golfers.

There are a few reasons that these are not ideal if you have a low handicap, and the main one is just that they lack control.  That means you’re going to find that while the sweet spot is extended, they lack the tact for you to put spin on the ball and really control approach hosts.  That’s going to have experienced golfers feeling limited and almost penned in by their equipment.

2) They give you a lot of distance most of the time, but not always in a good way.

Because these clubs are all about banging the ball out there as far as possible because of their natural high trajectory, they are not the most ideal for playing when you’re more skilled.  This is going to limit your ability on more difficult hole where precision is needed.  Sometimes you have to kick out a low and driving shot, and these are not the right clubs to do that for you.

3) Just not durable enough for heavy golfers.

If you golf every week, or even multiple times a week, then Nickent 3DX Hybrid golf clubs just are not the right choice for you.  They are going to break down much too quickly, because they just aren’t built to last.  That cheaper price comes from lesser materials, and you’ll find that your clubs will get banged up pretty quickly the more and more that you play with them, especially if you’re a frequent golfer.

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