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Which Type of Golf Cart Motor Works Best on the Course?

The right golf cart motor can make your travels around the course even easier. Which type is the best choice?

Golf carts are a common sight on many courses these days and they can provide for an easier and less strenuous way of getting yourself and your clubs around 18 holes of play. While there are a few different manufacturers of this type of equipment, the choice usually comes down to gas or electric powered when purchasing a cart. So which type of golf cart motor works best on the course?

Gas Powered Motor

Gas tends to be considered a less environmentally friendly manner in which to power a golf cart these days, and this means they are less used, with many courses now specifying that electric carts should be used. However this is not to say that gas powered carts are not available and many of the top manufacturers such as Yamaha, Ez-Go and Club Car still produce them. They have the advantage of being faster and more powerful and if you play at a course that has hilly terrain with steeper inclines a gas powered cart can typically be a better choice for getting around. A gas powered cart also has the advantage that you can carry a little extra fuel to top up in the event that you run out of power while out on the course. This is also a major advantage of gas powered carts in areas away from the course. Many people use carts for hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits and will typically take their carts to areas where an electrical supply is not readily available. In these situations a golf cart motor powered by gas can be a better option both for the additional power to get around off-road terrain, as well as being able to carry extra fuel to keep the cart powered at all times.

Electrically Powered Motor

The most common gas cart motor these days is electrically powered, and this typically produces fewer pollutants than the gas alternative. This can make it a more suitable choice for those with a concern about their impact on the environment. A number of golf clubs only allow electric carts these days both for their cleaner running and also as they are quieter and less likely to disturb others as they are being driven around. Most of the golf cart manufacturers these days produce electrically powered carts providing a wide range of options for those that prefer this type of equipment. The majority of golf courses tend to have flatter terrain, with little in the way of steep hills and if this is the case with the course that you play at, an electrically powered cart will have enough power to easily get you around. While the power of an electrically powered cart can be an issue if the batteries lose power away from an electrical supply, this is typically less of a problem these days. Some carts are now manufactured with a system called opportunity charging, which means that whenever the cart is within distance of a power point it is possible to plug it in and charge it. This can be done even for short periods of time and means that the power can be continually topped up to ensure that there is less chance of it running out at an inopportune moment. Typically an electrically powered cart will be less expensive to run than a gas cart, which can be another advantage of choosing it.


Gas and electrically powered golf carts are the dominant equipment in the market, although it is possible to find alternatives. One of these is a diesel golf cart. This is similar in most respects to a gas powered cart, although diesel can be a cheaper fuel and it can therefore be a more affordable type of equipment to run.

A golf cart can be a useful piece of equipment for those that need a little assistance in playing 18 holes. The golf cart motor you choose will typically depend on a few factors. For a more environmentally friendly option, with less running costs an electric motor can be the best choice and this will be suitable for most golf course terrain. If you play at a golf course that has more uneven, steeper ground a gas powered cart can be a better choice for the extra power it provides. If you want a model that also provides for use away from the golf course a gas powered model can be a better option as it is simpler to refuel, and this can be done anywhere. However, whichever option you choose, there are a number of options on the market, with many manufacturers producing this type of golfing equipment.

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