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Why All Golfers Can Benefit From Golf Alignment Sticks

Golf alignment sticks can aid your swing in many ways, making for a great form of practice equipment. Here are the benefits and some tips on where to find them.

Golfers need to practice regularly to keep their game in good shape, and this can be especially important with regard to the golf swing and alignment. To help with this a number of training aids have been developed over the years, and one of the simplest of these is golf alignment sticks. Many tour professionals keep these in their golf bags to help with their game, although they are an affordable training aid that anyone can use.

What are they?

Golf alignment sticks are basically a set of straight, colored sticks which are designed to help a golfer work on the fundamentals of their golf game. They can be useful in correcting alignment problems with a golfers swings, although can also be set in a variety of formations to work on other aspects of the game. A set typically includes two alignment sticks, with many coming with a carry tube to make them easy to store in a golf bag. The length of the sticks can vary, although typical sizes include around 36-inches for juniors and 48-inches for adults.

How are they used?

Golf alignment sticks can be placed in various formations to assist a golfer work on their game, and they can be used to practice a few different golf drills. Some examples of this include practicing the correct swing alignment. This involves placing the sticks on the ground parallel to the intended target. This creates a railroad track effect, with the feet on the inside track and the ball on the outside. This enables a golfer to swing their club and follow the line of the sticks to find the correct alignment. Alignment sticks can also be used in a T-shape to work on having the correct stance for the shot being played. Typically the ball position should vary depending on the club being played, with it being in the center of the stance for shorter iron shots and slightly forward of center for longer irons and woods. The alignment sticks can be positioned in a T-shape to set up and practice the correct ball position and stance, such that a golfer gets used to this and can address the ball correctly to hit the best shot at all times.

Alignment sticks can also be used to practice the putting stroke. This is done by placing both sticks on the ground aiming at the hole and just slightly wider apart than the size of the putter head. The aim is then to pull the club straight back and play the putt without hitting the sticks. Many people can have problems with putting by pulling the club back off-line, and this drill is intended to correct the fault. There are also other drills that can be used and most good alignment stick products will come with instructions showing how to get the best use from them.

Benefits of alignment sticks

One of the main benefits of choosing golf alignment sticks as a training aid is that they are compact and portable, and can easily be kept with clubs in a golf bag. This means they are readily available whenever needed, and if a golfer feels some work is needed on a particular aspect of their game, they can simply be taken out of the bag and used. They are also one of the most affordable training aids on the market, making them easily available to anyone that wants to use them. With the range of golf practice drills for which they can be used this makes them a cost effective training aid to choose.

Who manufactures them?

There are a few different companies that produce alignment sticks for golf. One of the better known options is Tour Sticks and these produce a variety of products in different colors and sizes to suit adults and juniors. The cost for these is typically around $13 for the smaller junior lengths and $15 for the longer adult version, with a set comprising 2 sticks and a carry case. Morodz is another of the manufacturers and the rods they produce typically retail for around $16, with a variety of colors available.

Where can they be purchased?

Many of the manufacturers of golf alignment rods sell them through the internet, with both Tour Sticks and Morodz products being available in this way. However, many online golf equipment retailers also have alignment sticks for sale and this includes Golf Galaxy and Rock Bottom Golf.

Practice is an important part of keeping your golf game well honed and working well. Training aids can help with this and one of the simplest and most affordable available is golf alignment sticks. These are a simple practice tool to have available and can easily be used to work on your game and help improve it.


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