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Why Palm Springs Golf Packages Make The Perfect Vacation

Looking to plan a vacation that offers the best of all worlds, golfing included? Palm Springs golf packages are remarkable and unique in many ways.

A Palm Springs, California golfing vacation is something that’s going to provide a complete golf experience like few others can.  That’s because they really encompass every aspect of a golfing vacation, by covering everything that you need, or could want to do. Whether it’s attending golfing seminars and classes, as well as golfing on true world class courses, as well as finding some time to relax on a beautiful California beach.  Once you get out there, you’re going to ensure you never want the golfing to stop.

Basically, it’s just about finding the aspects of a Palm Springs golfing package that are the most important to you, so that you can craft your own perfect experience.  There are three basic things that you want to have covered, or that you want to think about that are assured to make your vacation that much more special.

1) Any Palm Springs golfing trip is going to offer up a lot of courses.

A big part of golfing vacations is finding different places to play, and this part of California has a wealth of opportunities because it’s a common golf hotspot.  You can find all sorts of great courses, and typically you can make deals with top resorts that you can stay at, so that you can play several of them at discounted rates.  You just want to choose some of the top courses that are going to ensure you’re really able to have a fun time playing.  That means considering the top resorts and clubs like:

                -Indian Canyons Golf Resort

                They offer two different 18 hole courses, as well as a design by LPGA hall of fame inductee Amy Alcott.  You can find the resort at  to find out more about the resort.

                -Escena Golf Club

                This unique golfing experience offers you 18 holes spread across a 72 par course, designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus himself.  That affords you the opportunity to golf on a course designed by a PGA legend, meaning you’re going to get one heck of an experience.  You can contact the club through  to inquire about tee times. 

2) Palm Springs offers the most complete golfing resorts you’ll find anywhere.

A big part of the Palm Springs golfing vacation package, is finding ways to unwind and just ensure that you’re really going to be able to relax after a really hard day.  That’s why you want to find resorts that feature full Spas, so that you can really take in the relaxing atmosphere that’s reminiscent of a really ideal vacation.  For that you want to visit:         

                -Riviera Resort & Spa

                They are located right in the neighborhood of the fantastic Escena Golf Club, so when you’re not on the green, you can be sure that you’re relaxing in the full Spa offered, as well as the pool, or you can  just lay back and have the massage of your life.   You can easily find all you need to know about Riviera Resort & Spa at

3) Get an education on your golf game through Palm Springs’ golf camps.

When you’re not playing a round with friends and family, or relaxing at the spa your resort offers, you might want to consider brushing up on your game, and getting the tips that can really help you succeed.  With courses offered by top golf camps in the Palm Springs area, you can get a total golf education that’s going to aide you in learning everything that you really need to ensure that your game takes off like never before.  Take different camps available like:

                -Bird Golf Academy

                They offer two 18 hole courses, as well as full instructional packages to really aide you in honing   your game.  Most packages include three full instructional sessions, as well as unlimited time on the courses so long as you’re staying at the local resort.  Find them online at to see if this is the type of golf camp for you.

                -Diamond Golf School

                If you’re looking for the more complete golfing instructional experience, you can’t go wrong with a school like this.  There you can take full 5 hour daily courses, to ensure that you get an absolutely complete instruction as well as guidance of your golf game.  But you can also find that they feature two 18 hole courses as well, which you’re able to play on as much as you like for the time that  you’re going to be staying there.  This way, you can ensure that you’re able to get a more complete golfing experience, through true schooling and training that’s going to make you an impeccable   golfer in no time.  You can easily find the school through, so that you can be sure your vacation sees you golfing better than ever before.

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