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Why You Should Use Top Flite Golf Balls On the Course

If you desire a high quality option on the course, Top Flite golf balls may be your best bet.

When deciding on the equipment you should use to play golf, there are a variety of manufacturers to choose from. With regard to the best balls for the course, there are a number of options available, with many companies producing these. One of the best to consider is Top Flite golf balls, and there are a number of reasons why you should opt for these when playing.


Top Flite invest a lot of effort in advancing the technology of golf balls to ensure that those they produce are some of the best around. Many of the latest Top Flite golf balls use Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics which was developed by the engineers at the company to provide their golf balls with excellent performance. The technology is designed to stop the ball losing spin at the top of its flight, which is a common reason for a golf ball losing distance. This means that Top Flite balls can generate extra distance off the tee and fairway, which is something that most golfers look to achieve. Extra distance of the tee can help to make the next shot that little bit shorter and less difficult, and this in turn can help to produce better scores on the course.

Choices Available

A good reason to opt for Top Flite golf balls is the choices available. The Top Flite website shows four different ball types available, with each having its own advantages. The XL brand golf balls have a couple of options, with the XL Distance designed to help you be longer off the tee, and the XL Straight designed for both distance and accuracy. The XL 7000 has the length of the standard XL brand, but is produced with a softer core which is designed to provide a better feel off the face of the club. The D2+ range of golf balls use the Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics to increase length off the tee, but also includes a high speed core which can help provide additional control when playing iron shots. The Gamer V2 ball range also uses Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics in addition to a highly resilient core and a DuPont HPF mantle layer. This provides advantages such as length of the tee, better short game spin and additional feel off the club face. These golf balls are the latest models available from Top Flite, with plenty of older models also still available. With the variety of choice therefore, most people should be able to find a golf ball from Top Flite that brings a little extra to their game.


The durability of Top Flite golf balls can be another reason to use them, and they should last a long time in good condition for play. The cover of the Gamer V2, for example, has been reformulated in recent times, which has helped to improve its durability and the covers on all the golf balls from Top Flite are designed for both performance and durability. Barring the fact that you may lose them in the rough, the golf balls should therefore remain in your golf bag for a decent period of time in playable condition.

Custom Options

For those that like to bring a little of their own personality to the game they can do this with Top Flite golf balls. The company offers the chance to purchase custom balls and this can be used to personalize the ball by adding your initials or name. It also makes it possible to use the balls as promotional items by adding a company name or logo. Many people like to have their equipment stand out a little from the crowd and using the custom option from Top Flite allows you to do this with your golf balls.

While most people will likely concentrate more on the clubs they use to play the sport, choosing the right golf ball can also help with your game. Top Flite golf balls can be an excellent choice to make. With the innovative technology they design into their balls, they can help you get extra distance and accuracy on the course, as well as giving you plenty of choice to find the best golf ball to suit your style of play.


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