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Women’s Golf Shirts: Buying Apparel That Guarantees Performance

It's easy to find women's golf shirts online, but finding the best apparel requires some of the following knowledge.

When you’re really serious about succeeding at a sport, you have to have the right type of equipment that gives you a total edge over the competition.  That means everything down to the shirt on your back has to be angled towards success.  That’s why it’s so important that you give your women’s golf shirts a bit more thought than  just what might look the best, when you’re a serious golfer.  Serious golf needs serious performance, and that means finding a shirt that’s really built for the game.

These days we’ve all realized the difference that the right type of sporting equipment can have on your game, no matter what it is that you’re actually playing.  That’s even true of golf though it’s not as physically demanding as so many other sports out there.  Golf is a game of fine margins, and the slightest factors that really aren’t in your favor are going to have a massive impact on how you’re able to play the game.  Therefore, here are a few things you want to keep in mind when you make your next shirt purchase:

1) Always make sure that you’re finding a polo that’s comfortable.

This is first and foremost, so you want to find those that are actually cut for women.  The problem with men’s golf shirts is that they are not cut in the style of a woman’s body, and that means that they feature no curve to match a woman’s much more natural hourglass figure.  That can leave them baggy and awkward, which can affect your stance and your swing.   That’s why you want those made for your body, because they’re just more comfortable in the end.

2) Choose a fabric that’s going to keep you cool and dry.

This is really important, as a sunny day out on the course can be miserable if you’re not wearing the right type of attire.  But the more modern styles of shirts like Adidas’ patented Climalite technology is made so that the wind will cut right through you, leaving you with a much cooler and more comfortable feel as though you weren’t wearing a shirt at all.

As a secondary feature, you’ll find that most shirts have special sweat wicking technology as well.  The problem with being in the sun and heat again is that you start to sweat.  That can have your clothing bunching up, which is going to make you feel really uncomfortable, and nobody wants that.  But you will find that women’s golf shirts specially made with Climalite technology, or even Nike’s DriFit technology are going to be capable of keeping you dry and comfortable, no matter the conditions.

3) Think about your arms.

The arms of the shirt that you choose are more important beyond just the style of the shirt, you want to find something that’s comfortable and that’s not going to throw off the motion of your swing.  For example, sleeves that are too long can be a bit uncomfortable, and will get bunched up when you’re trying to follow through, which can put you off.  That’s why there are plenty of different types of shirts that feature really short sleeves, or just none at all, and that’s actually something to think about.  The smallest detail can affect how controlled your drives are, and that makes a big difference on the score sheet.

4) Style can also be really important.

Something that you’re going to find from just about any styles of women’s golf shirts is that they come in all different colors and patterns as well as their actual composition.  That means you can find those that feature plaid designs like real classic golf attire. Or you can also find those items that feature pink, yellow or plain white and black as well.  You can even find those shirts that have sporty swooshes and stripes as well, just to give you more of an athletic type of look.

5) Where to buy your clothing.

But of course, finding the right type of outlet for your golf clothing is really vital so that you can shop all sorts of different brands as well, at prices that you can’t get from a golf pro shop.,, are all great places where you can find specific clothing for women, and ensure that you’re getting items of quality you will really adore.

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