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Yamaha Golf Carts: Your Guide To Choosing The Right Design

Yamaha golf carts are amongst the best brands on the market. Here's your guide to choosing the best type for your needs.

Interested in buying a golf cart, but don’t know where to start?  That’s a complicated situation that many people face, because there are so many different choices thrown at you when it comes to buying a vehicle like this.  Something that people just don’t realize, is that there are so many different types of Yamaha golf carts out there, and not all are made just for the course. There are plenty of carts that you can find that make for all sorts of easy transport or utility options, so they can be the perfect investment on multiple fronts.

Basically you want to narrow down what there is on offer, and see what type of cart best suits what you’re looking for in your new vehicle.  There are a lot of choices out there, but you can always trust a name like Yamaha golf carts, because they are known for producing a superior product.  With the right cart in tow, you can have the perfect asset for easy transportation, fun driving, or even for getting around all the way to the green.  All you have to do is choose amongst the top models, and here are the best ones that Yamaha produce:

1) The Drive.

This is the most basic of the Yamaha golf carts, and it’s the most no fuss get in and go type of cart.  You’re going to find that they are perfectly made for getting around the golf course, and nothing provides you with the same type of great long service, as well as ease of use when you’re looking for something to play golf.  Some of the key features that make this the perfect choice include a powerful gas engine, fully independent front suspension for easy rolling over any type of terrain.  Beyond that you’ll also find some of the most durable bumpers in the industry.

Of course, style is also important, and the Drive has a convenient and sporty type of design that ensures you have the look of a sports car while you’re playing your favorite sport.  Plus they are extremely affordably priced, and most can be found in the area of $3,000.

2) The Drive PTV

These Yamaha gas golf carts are a variation on the standard Drive model, in that they are converted to become a personal transport vehicle.  That means they are perfectly made to get you around as you need to in regular real life.  Whether you need to get around your property, transport friends and family, or even run the occasional errand.  You’re going to find these are designed to get better gas mileage, and feature that much more customization options so that you can add radios, or even heating and cooling systems for your personal comforts. 

3) Yamaha Concierge for your transportation needs.

If you’re looking for a golf cart that can get several people from point A to point B, you can’t go wrong with a concierge.  That’s because they are specially made to get many people around quickly.  They feature advanced seating on what the normal cart provides, and they have seating for either 4 or 6 people, depending upon the type of model that you choose.  There is also additional space for baggage, making these really ideal for carrying bags for people throughout an airport type of area as well. 

Plus you can also find both gas and electric models, so you have the ideal cart for indoor or outdoor use depending upon your needs.  Most typically gas is more expensive than electric, especially in the long run, so you also want to make your choice carefully.

4) Adventurer I & II

When you’re looking for the best in terms of ultimate utility this is the cart for you, because they are specially made for any type of major work that you’re going to be doing.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect type of cart for hauling away bunches of dirt and grass as you do some remodeling work, or if you’re looking for something to haul heavy tools as well, this is the type of cart for you.  What’s more, they feature a moveable flatbed, so that you an also treat them just like a miniature dump truck. 

Both Adventurer models are also gas powered and are compatible with a wide variety of Yamaha golf cart accessories as well.  This way, you can be sure that you’re able to at least make them into the ultimate cart depending upon your specific needs as well.

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