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Your Cheap Golf Bags Checklist To Avoid Compromising Quality

Who wouldn't want cheap golf bags as opposed to expensive ones? Still, quality issues can obviously come into play. Here's how to avoid those.

Sure just about anyone can find cheap golf bags here and there, so that you can save money while still getting something to hold your clubs.  But there are certain features that you don’t want to compromise, so that you can be sure your clubs still have just what you need to get the job done, when it comes to everything you carry along with you during a golf game.  If you want to ensure that you’re able to keep things safe, like the added items that you’ll have with you, in addition to all the equipment that goes along with golfing, you have to buy a bag that has enough room.

That means there are a few things to consider, and you want to make a checklist for shopping so that you can be sure you’ll end up really happy in the end.  There are a lot of different types of cheap golf bags out there, but not all of them are going to feature the quality that you really need in order to find the right item.  That’s why it’s so vital you shop carefully and that you shop smartly, so that you can be sure your money is still going towards something of quality:

1) First off, always check size.

Something that you’re going to find right off the bat is that cheap golf bags can be a bit smaller, so that they utilize less material and therefore less overall cost.  However, that can be really bad if you have a full set of irons and fairway woods that you like to use for any occasion.  A full golf club set is rather large, and a small bag is not going to be able to accommodate you, so it’s important you go with something that does have enough room in the end.

2) Account for carrying around other items.

You want to have some extra pockets, so that you can carry a bunch of stuff alongside you.  Namely extra golf equipment.  With added pockets in your golf bag, you can carry along extra balls for when you knock a few into the water hazards, and you can carry along all of your tees, and even fun golf equipment like a rangefinder or even golf GPS.  Not having pockets on your bag makes it a hassle for you to find places for all of this stuff, so you want to be sure there’s room.

3) Get a bag that has a protected valuables pouch.

If you golf with valuable items, whether it be a cell phone, watch, or jewelry of any kind, you don’t really want to be warning it during a swing. That’s why it’s important that yours has a protection valuables pouch that has a sturdy and tough exterior, but that also features a good soft lining on the inside.  This way, you can be sure nothing is going to damage them, and that they are going to be perfectly protected from the time you start playing, until you finish the last hole.

4) Make sure that you’re still looking for top brands with your bag.

When you’re looking for good cheap golf bags, there are still quite a few brands that you want to pay attention to, so that you can at least guarantee quality along with that cheaper price.  Some of them can include Top Flite as well as Prosimmon, and even Adidas to some degree.  All of these are known as golf suppliers, but they are not the top tier of what most pros would use, so they tend to be quite a bit cheaper than your Callaway, Nike or Taylor Made bags on average.

5) Be a smart shopper.

To really save money on golf equipment, spend your time online.  That means visiting sites like or also those like  They don’t always carry the biggest brands, but what they do provide is quality bags for much cheaper.  Here you can buy all sorts of great cheap golf bags for prices that you wouldn’t believe, and usually free shipping to boot. You can even find some cheap clubs to go alongside, and round out the package still well under what you would have had to pay otherwise.

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